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Van Vynck Environmental Services

20 - Dec - 2014

Leading bird control company providing all types of deterrents for pigeons, gulls, geese, starlings Sparrows. Specialists in falconry and flock reduction.


Falconry in London

Handler With Falcon

Bird Control in Essex

We have a dedicated team of falconers and over forty birds trained in the techniques required to alter patterns of behaviour using predatory species.

We have been using Hawks and falcons to displace nuisance bird species from urban locations and industry probably longer than any other company and have developed systems which are now used as a blue print by most of our contemporaries.


Breeding the Birds

We breed all of our own birds then carefully select the best suited based on various criteria including temperament.

These birds are then trained using specially developed techniques for on average twelve months and then used exclusively for bird control.

This is an important question which must be asked of any potential contractor as only birds trained and used exclusively in this way should ever be introduced to the conditions required.



Upon request we will survey the affected area and provide a free report outlining the important issues such as environmental conditions and availability of food and provide a bespoke program designed to address the problem.

With a high level of existing infrastructure we are able to offer not only an effective but also commercially viable solution in almost any location.

For more information on Falconry please click here

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